• Anina Deetlefs | South African Artist Magazine
    Read an interview with artist Anina Deetlefs in Issue 63 of the South African Artist's Magazine - available from August 2021.
  • Chris Denovan | South African Artist Magazine
    Read an interview with contemporary artist Chris Denovan in the 62nd issue of the South African Artist Magazine, on shelves in June 2021.
  • Floral Portraits by Anina Deetlefs
    An interview with artist Anina Deetlefs about her popular floral portraits that combine portraiture with her love of graphic design and textiles while paying close attention to the names, meaning and symbolism in each piece.
  • Southern Vines | Winter 2021 | Art Scene
    Juanita Oosthuizen, Noeleen Kleve and Nicole Pletts are featured in the Winter edition of Southern Vines Magazine, available online and in stores nationwide from June 2021.
  • Studio visit with Kufa Makwavarara
    We visit artist Kufa Makwavarara at his home studio in Cape Town where he is busy with a large, colourful painting entitled ‘Covid Vaccine Roll-Out’
  • Southern Vines | Autumn 2021 | Art Scene
    Richie Madyira, Andre Serfontein and Adele Potgieter are featured in the Autumn 2021 edition of Southern Vines Magazine.
  • Claude Chandler | South African Artist Magazine
    Artist Claude Chandler is featured in Issue 59 of the South African Artist Magazine!
  • Opening of INTIMACY by Lisette Forsyth
    On Saturday 20 February, we hosted the opening event of 'INTIMACY' by Lisette Forsyth. The artist created a small, intimate space to relax and join her in an intimate conversation.
  • 'A Time of Uncertainty' by Tanja Truscott
    Visit Tanja Truscott in her studio in this behind the scenes feature and read her thoughts about her latest collection of abstract paintings.
  • Kufa Makwavarara | South African Artist Magazine
    Kufa Makwavarara is interviewed in Issue 57 of the South African Artist Magazine, published in November 2020.
    The Cape Town Museum is exhibiting a group show of artworks by and for Cape Townians and several StateoftheART artists are included.
  • In the studio with Helen van Stolk
    Read our interview and enjoy a short film with artist Helen van Stolk, exploring her process of creating her abstract paintings.
  • In the studio with Nicole Pletts
    Learn more about Nicole Pletts and her process of painting and day to day life in the studio in this short film by StateoftheART.
  • Opening of LIMINAL TIMELINE | February 2020
    Mother and son due Pascale and Claude Chandler opened their joint exhibition 'Liminal Timeline' on 12 February 2020 at StateoftheART Gallery in Cape Town.
  • In the studio with Heidi Shedlock
    An interview and film with Heidi Shedlock in her studio in Durban about her love for capturing the form of beautiful flowers.
  • Artist Walkabout with Grace Kotze
    On Saturday 9 November, we learnt about Grace Kotze's solo exhibition 'Wonderland' in a walkabout with artist.
  • Opening of WONDERLAND | November 2019
    Photos from the opening reception of 'Wonderland' - a solo exhibition of painting and sculpture by Durban based artist Grace Kotze.
  • In the Studio with Grace Kotze
    Visit the studio of artist Grace Kotze in Durban, meet the local monkeys and catch a glimpse of her latest paintings in our short film.
  • In the Studio with Pascale Chandler
    Watch our short film with Pascale Chandler in her home and studio in Durban, and read more about her work and what inspires her playful horse paintings.
  • Opening of SOLUS HYDRO | October 2019
    On 3 October we opened 'SÕLUS HYDRO' - a solo exhibition of paintings by Port Elizabeth based artist Joanne Reen.
  • Artist Interviews : inside scoop on Deidre Maree
    Discover more about Deidre Maree and her love of running, teaching art and visiting the Karoo.
  • Southern Vines | Spring 2019 | Art Scene
    Helen van Stolk, Joanne Reen and Selvin November are featured in the Spring edition of Southern Vines Magazine, available in stores nationwide from September 2019.
  • In the Studio with Melody French
    We visited the studio of abstract artist Melody French and captured part of her art making process to share with you in a short film.
  • Guesthouse Art: De Zeven Guest Lodge Stellenbosch
    Take inspiration from De Zeven Guest Lodge in Stellenbosch who chose a selection of StateoftheART artworks to grace their walls.
  • Opening of Uncharted Territory | June 2019
    On Wednesday 12 June we opened 'Uncharted Territory' - the debut solo exhibition by Karen Wykerd featuring her paintings and embroideries.
  • In the Studio with Jeannie Kinsler
    Visit Jeannie Kinsler in her studio in Durban in this short film for a peek into her home life and creative inspirations.
  • Opening of NEXUS | March 2019
    On 7 March 2019 we opened NEXUS : a solo exhibition of new portrait paintings by Durban-based artist Corné Eksteen.
  • In the Studio with Corné Eksteen : NEXUS
    In this short film, we visit Corné Eksteen in his studio in Durban as he prepares for his solo exhibition 'NEXUS'.
  • Studio Visit with Laurel Holmes
    In this film and interview we visit the natural areas that inspire Laurel's printmaking and painting, and learn about visual loss and the impact of environmental degradation for future generations.
  • In the Studio with Raja Oshi
    Meet Raja Oshi, a Sudanese artist living in Pietermaritzburg whose mixed media works are inspired by the context of her own life and reflect how she feels about world events.
  • Q&A with Gallery Award Finalist: LEZANNE KOTZE
    Last but not least - our interview with Gallery Award finalist Lezanne Kotze!
  • Q&A with Gallery Award Finalist: ANNA-CARIEN GOOSEN
    Another interview with a Gallery Award Finalist! We chat to Anna-Carien Goosen this time, before the Group Exhibition of Finalists opening in September.
  • Q&A with Gallery Award Finalist: JANNA PRINSLOO
    Janna Prinsloo shares her thoughts on the Gallery Award, her painting process, inspirations and plans!
  • Q&A with Gallery Award Finalist: NADINE HANSEN
    Meet Nadine Hansen, an artist based in Stilbaai who finds inspiration in the people and natural beauty that surrounds her.
  • Q&A with Gallery Award Finalist: TINA TELES
    Get to know the next finalist in line for the Gallery Award, painter Tina Teles!
  • Southern Vines | Winter 2018 | Art Scene
    Karen Wykerd and Christine Crowley are featured in the Winter 2018 Southern Vines Magazine.
  • In the studio with Joanne Reen
    A short video on artist Joanne Reen in her studio in Port Elizabeth, and the inspiration she draws from the village of Nieu Bethesda.
  • StateoftheART Stockroom
    We have an exciting selection of recently exhibited and new artwork available for you to view at our Cape Town gallery.
  • VIDEO: in the studio with Karen Wykerd
    Learn more about Karen's work, process and inspiration in this short film created by StateoftheART.
  • Southern Vines | Autumn 2018 | Art Scene
    Drummond Murphy and Lizelle Kruger are featured in the Art Scene section of Southern Vines' Autumn issue.
  • #COCREATE Design Festival 2018
    StateoftheART participated in the #CoCreateSA DESIGN FESTIVAL, which aims to celebrate and examine the power of design to tackle current socio-economic and environmental challenges within an African context.
  • Garden and Home : A Journey of Discovery
    Deidre Maree is interviewed in the February 2018 South African Garden and Home Magazine.
  • In the studio with James de Villiers
    James de Villiers gives us exclusive insights into his studio space, history and art making process.
  • Southern Vines | Summer 2018 | Art Scene
    Two StateoftheART artists are profiled in the Summer 2017/2018 issue of the Southern Vines magazine.
  • In the studio with Corné Theron
    "Visual artists have always been the voice we can see." Find out more about Corné Theron's painting practice, studio and interests.
  • Southern Vines | Art Scene - Spring 2016
    The Spring 2016 edition of Southern Vines features StateoftheART rising artist Chris Denovan.
  • First Thursdays | September 2016
    On 1 September we opened a solo exhibition of new paintings by Mila Posthumus, entitled PORTRAIT which opened on Thursday, 1st of September in conjunction with the First Thursdays event.
  • First Thursdays | July 2016
    Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to join us for the opening of 'Scapes: Rhythms Of An Environment' on 7 July. Artists: James de Villiers, Karen Wykerd, Joanne Reen, Catherine Ocholla, Janna Prinsloo, Laurel Holmes, Lezanne Kotze.
  • In Good Taste | Cultural Happenings
    Yin Yang I by Corné Eksteen features on the cover of the June edition of Good Taste Magazine. There is also a short interview with the artist on page 44.
  • First Thursdays | May 2016
    Our May exhibition is a solo exhibition by Zaan Claassens, "Walking on Water". The art of Zaan Claassens is a celebration of life. In her exhibition, WALKING ON WATER, her primary focus is on water: what happens on its surface, how it varies, how light plays on it, how its moods change.
  • Painting In The Moment
    Artist Michaela Rinaldi features in the February 2016 edition of SLOW magazine - read all about it here!
  • In the studio with Karen Wykerd
    Travel through the city of Cape Town with us as we visit the studio of Karen Wykerd for a closer look at the process and inspiration behind her precisely detailed city-scape paintings.
  • In the studio with Jodi Hugo
    Jodi Hugo is renown for her tender yet emotional nude studies rendered in acrylic and charcoal. We met up with the artist to chat about her life and the inspiration behind her paintings.
  • In the studio with Laurel Holmes
    We caught up with Johannesburg artist Laurel Holmes to chat about her work and her focus on painting still lifes of everyday objects as well as moody landscapes of the places she has visited.
  • In the studio with Janet Botes
    Sam Rietmann visited the Somerset West studio of visual artist Janet Botes to find out how she depicts the natural landscape in different formats and the inspiration behind her Land Art.
  • In the studio with Claude Chandler
    StateoftheART intern Sam Rietmann recently interviewed Claude Chandler to give you a behind-the-scenes insight into his work and artistic inspiration.
  • In The Studio With Chris Denovan
    Artist Chris Denovan has recently moved in to a new studio in Observatory. We met up with him to preview his works-in-progress, learn about what inspires him, and see his work insitu.
  • Studio visit with Thelma van Rensburg
    Join us as we chat to StateoftheART artists to find out interesting snippets about their latest work and inspiration.
  • Studio Visit With Liffey Speller
    Join us for a glimpse into the studios of StateoftheART artists; meet them in their workspace, learn what inspires them and see their work hanging on their studio walls.
  • Contemporary Botanical Painting
    Botanical artist Sally Arnold writes about the importance of botanical art in the world today....