Art For Interior Design

StateoftheART is your best source of original art online. For designers, architects, corporate buyers, and other trade professionals, we offer an ever-evolving collection of original fine and contemporary art and art photography from our carefully selected early career  South African artists. A quick look around the site will reveal a unique array of styles and mediums, at prices designed to meet the needs of any client, whether you are sourcing office art or wall art for a private residence.

Use the Advanced Search tool to search our database of artwork which can be cross-referenced by subject, genre, colour, medium and budget. StateoftheART online art gallery makes the search and purchase of art easy and convenient with our web-based browsing and ordering. Use our View to Scale tool to see how a particular piece will look on a wall before you buy.

StateoftheART online art gallery can assist with the sourcing of artwork to save you time and add to the valued service you provide clients. Getting us involved at the start of a project will ensure that the art becomes an integral part of the building and complements your great design.




Why buy art from StateoftheART?
  • Our online presence cuts out the high overheads of a traditional gallery, passing savings onto you.
  • Choice – we offer a wide range of subjects, mediums and styles
  • Commission our artists to your colour and theme
  • You can buy whatever time is convenient to you; you do not need to comply with any rigid opening or closing times.
Corporate art buyers, architects and interior design professionals who require a large order or repeated purchases can apply to become an affiliate of the gallery and receive a commission on all purchases directly bought. For more information email