Catherine Ocholla and Lisette Forsyth are in conversation in front of artwork by Jo Roets and Karla Nixon

Opening of TIME & TIDE

On Saturday 25 February 2023, StateoftheART hosted the exhibition reception of the group show 'TIME & TIDE (wait for no man)'.

Featuring new work by artists Catherine Ocholla, Lisette Forsyth, Corné Eksteen, Karla Nixon, Laurel Holmes, Jo Roets and Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku; the exhibition ponders the concept of time and the cycle of life.


The exhibition continues until 18 March 2023.
See photos from the event, or read an excerpt from the opening address of Gallery owner, Jennifer Reynolds below.


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Artists at the opening of TIME & TIDE
Artists Catherine Ocholla, Lisette Forsyth, Jo Roets and Laurel Holmes at the exhibition reception of TIME & TIDE (wait for no man).


Opening Address by Jennifer Reynolds:

"Standing here time is constantly moving forward - a reminder of the transience and impermanence of our existence. Through their works, the participating artists invite us to reflect on a specific moment in time, the passing of time, and the way natural phenomena shape our lives.

When I view Catherine's Ocholla's painting titled 'Meme # 2: Future Liaison', I see foreboding clouds and the solitary red balloon - for me - references the terrible earthquake earlier this month in Turkey and Syria. The red balloons placed amongst the rubble to honour the children who tragically died.

Jo Roets has created magic with her natural drying stone clay works inspired by tree rings: she says "I never want to stagnate, I want my tree rings of life to circle wide and tell stories of years passed".

In her evocative work titled 'Tuck Shop', Lisette Forsyth alludes to the waves of global hysteria instigated and perpetrated by social media every year - controlled food shortages by multinationals are predicted for 2023.



Corné Eksteen's painting ‘Anachronism I’ depicts a vase of flowers, the petals wilting, time has passed since they were in full bloom.

Similarly, Karla Nixon's 'A Life In Six Parts' begins with a work saturated with colour which gradually fades with each piece, suggesting the passing of time,

When looking at Laurel Holmes' series of monotypes 'A Blink Of The Eye' I think of the precious time – which seems as fleeting as a reflection on water - that she spent with her son after a period of absence.

And Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku's sandcast artefacts are a testament to the tradition of fired ceramics - the oldest known clay sculpture dating back 28 000 years, the artist’s work serving as a stitch in that passage of time.

I invite you to take your time as you view each work, and enjoy this wonderful exhibition."


Time and Tide group exhibition at StateoftheART


View TIME & TIDE (wait for no man) available online.

Or visit the Gallery in Cape Town to see it on show until 18 March 2023.
50 Buitenkant Street, Cnr Roeland & Buitenkant Street, Cape Town. Gallery hours: 10 - 4 Tues to Friday, 10 - 1 Saturdays or by appointment.