In the Studio with Melody French

We visited the studio of abstract artist Melody French in Durban and captured part of her art making process to share with you in this short film.


Describing her work as 'gestural abstract expressionist' - she explores the language of different mediums, colour and mark making through gesture. She doesn’t work with an intent in mind, preferring to let the abstract works speak for themselves.

Using an array of mixed media to create texture in her work - Melody experiments with products she finds at art or hardware stores - usually working with Acrylic paint for colour -  as it dries quickly enough to continue to the next step and she is much to impatient to wait.
 'There's a Morning to Come'
Mixed media painting by Melody French
W:70cm x H:90cm
 'Fervour and Tenderness'
Mixed media painting by Melody French
W:64cm x H:85cm 
 “Experimenting can be successful or unsuccessful,” she says. “I just do something, stand back and look, and then start extracting or carving back as the mood is revealed.” 



Mixed media Painting by Melody French
W:110cm x H:90cm