Grace Kotze artist studio

In the Studio with Grace Kotze

StateoftheART is thrilled to go behind the scenes with Durban artist Grace Kotze and bring you this insight into her life and creative process.
'Wonderland' - a solo exhibition by Grace Kotze is on show at StateoftheART Gallery from 7 - 23 November 2019. See the exhibition here>>>

We visited Grace in her home and studio in Durban, and she introduced us to the friendly troop of monkeys who visit her nearby park. Watch the film below to see this natural oasis in the city, an assortment of 'Artist Treasures' lining Grace's shelves, and a peek at her new paintings for her upcoming solo exhibition, Wonderland.


Artist Statement:
My painting process is about processing my physical and emotional environment in a way in which the paintings are able to hold an emotional state. In order to create this my works have to be authentic to my emotions and the images able to have the ability to create the right visual hook. 
At present I am fascinated with the manner in which the natural world creeps into our homes and urban surrounds.  Fauna and fauna persist in the most uninhabitable looking places, plants taking root in a crack in the tar, security wire forms perches, robots forming nesting platforms etc. Nature’s presence is further enforced in our visual lives through its persistent presence in advertising, design, fine art, music and fashion. 
A lot of my current work is an exploration into these visually rich, varied and exciting themes. There is just so much fodder its invigorating. 
Grace Kotze's home in Durban, South Africa
Grace Kotze artist studio