Trade Art Solutions

StateoftheART loves working with curators, designers, architects, and art consultants.  We designed our Advanced Search/Art Specifier  tool to help you source all of your original artwork needs in one place, providing you with a visual art database of high quality  works of art by emerging South African artists.
Need a hand selecting contemporary art? Email  and we will work with you to find the right pieces.

Corporate Art

A Corporate Art Collection can be more than a painting on a wall - your choice of office art can be used to inspire employees, network with clients and showcase your commitment to social responsibility.

StateoftheART can help with art procurement, and if required, can oversee all stages of a corporate art project from the development phase (site visit (Cape Town only) artwork recommendation and proposal). We work directly with the client or collaborate with the interior designer, architect or the project manager of a space. At our initial meeting we discuss the scope of the project and interior design, working with our clients to understand their needs, goals, vision, taste and budgetary parameters. We then make office art selections that best fit the environment, working to the client’s budget.

What makes StateoftheART unique is our collaborative dialogue with our corporate clients to ensure that the office art program ultimately installed is one that has been carefully selected to meet their vision and promote their brand, as well as enhance and compliment the interior design. We offer a large selection of original artwork in every medium (works on paper and canvas, photography, mixed media and sculpture) and every genre (abstract art, realism, landscape paintings, cityscapes and florals).
Our services include:

    Art sourcing for offices
    Delivery of quality, local art, to budget
    Art curation and installation (Cape Town only)
    Portrait commissions
    Corporate art gift editions and gift cards - acknowledge Client Support through Art. It’s essential to acknowledge the support  and loyalty of valued clients and now there is a way in which you can show appreciation to your clients that is decidedly different.

An integral and fundamental aim of StateoftheART is to support and promote South African contemporary art and emerging artists. So if your needs extend beyond our portfolio we will source artwork by artists we do not represent.

Our Clients


"We have received many complements for the new art installed throughout our offices at Century City. We can highly recommend the service provided by StateoftheART"   Danie Folscher, CEO,  PwC Western Cape.

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