Hints and Tips

This is where you can find any information and advice to help you submit your entry to the StateoftheART Gallery Award. Make sure you Like the page on Facebook to stay updated with the latest.

How to enter the StateoftheART Gallery Award

A breakdown of how to enter, what you need to do and some helpful tips to remember when filling out your entry form to the Gallery Award.


How to Photograph your Art with your Phone 

 Tips and advice for photographing common types of artworks - paintings on canvas, work on paper and 3D sculpture. This guide is for someone with access to a smartphone (a mobile phone with a digital camera and access to the internet).



Tips for writing your Artist Statement

An artist statement is a short introduction to your art and your creative world. You probably have a pretty good idea about what your artworks portray and convey, but sadly, it is not always so easy for everyone else to know. Read this article for things to think about when writing your Artist Statement.

GREEN ART : an introduction | Part I

What is 'Green Art' or 'Environmental Art'? Artist Janet Botes breaks it down and explains some key concepts and things to consider including materials and techniques in this Article on the 2021 Award Theme 'On The Brink: Visualising Climate Change'.


The second part of this series by artist Janet Botes exploring Green Art especially focusing on Land art, Waste Art and installation.

Jo Roets : Winner of the StateoftheART Gallery Award 2018

Read Jo Roets' account of entering and winning the StateoftheART Gallery Award in 2018. In his post she tells the story of her fated application process and shares her thoughts on the Award as a platform, meeting the other finalists and what it was like to be announced the overall winner.