Paintings on Paper For Sale

Discover and collect affordable paintings on paper rendered in oil, acrylic or watercolour. StateoftheART offers an exclusive selection of original fine art paintings on paper for sale by outstanding emerging and established artists from South Africa.

Paintings on paper can be both affordable and a wise investment as smaller paper sizes are more economical, making them accessible to a wider audience and many emerging artists choose paper for their early works, offering a chance to invest in rising talent.  Works on paper often evoke a sense of intimacy: their delicate texture and tactile quality creates a personal connection.

Historically, paintings on paper were considered less valuable due to their perceived fragility. However, this perception is changing as collectors recognize their unique charm. Artists use paper for preliminary sketches, studies, and experimentation. These glimpses into their creative process hold intrinsic value.

Proper framing enhances paper artworks. Investing in archival framing ensures longevity and maintains value. Head to our blog for a list of recommended framers in Cape Town.

Remember, while paintings on paper may be more budget-friendly, they are primarily aesthetic investments. Enjoy the beauty they bring to your space, and you can hope that your children will appreciate them later! 


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