First Thursdays | September 2016

In PORTRAIT, Mila's third solo exhibition with StateoftheART Gallery, the work is exclusively figurative. Be it of a composed young woman seated at a table with a drink in her hand or a modern-day take on an intimate bedroom scene - the artist has surrounded her subjects with objects that hold significance and which give small clues that hint at their personalities.

The portraits vary from being traditionally posed to accidental - as if catching the sitter off guard. The works are situational rather than personal containing an atmosphere in most that is melancholic; the sitters’vulnerability is alluded to in small details in the composition. 

The viewer's attention is drawn to ponder what the back story might be. As is often the case with portraits, the characters inhabiting these paintings reveal and conceal in equal measure.

The exhibition runs until 17 September - come and view it at 61 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town. View the exhibition online >>