Lisette Forsyth paints the Gallery

Lisette Forsyth and the International Public Art Festival 2022

Lisette Forsyth and StateoftheART  took part in the International Public Art Festival (IPAF) in Cape Town between 23 - 27 February 2022

IPAF is an annual street art festival hosted by Baz-Art where local and international artists paint live murals across the city. For the 6th edition of the festival, IPAF moved further into the city centre and saw large-scale, public-friendly murals created across new locations of the Cape Town CBD. The 2022 theme for murals was 'Humanity', chosen to encourage connection and positive debate, while promoting the arts and our future talent.


Lisette Forsyth paints StateoftheART

Lisette Forsyth speaks to visitors of IPAF 2022


As part of the International Public Art Festival, artist Lisette Forsyth transformed our Gallery windows with a temporary mural inspired by the 2022 theme of 'Humanity'. Using acrylic paints and multiple stencils, she painted a series of children playing and climbing around the grid-like layout of the Gallery windows.



Lisette said about the experience:

"The framework and security gate in front of the Gallery reminded me of a Jungle Jim and the theme of the festival made me think that humans need to play, we should play a little bit everyday. The children seem so carefree and united by this playground.

It’s been very exciting working openly on the street and not hiding away from the law - to come out from under cover and expose yourself. I was initially very nervous, but the enthusiasm of the people on the street changed that - even the protesters that came by shouted encouragement and also enjoyed the art. Artists normally work in isolation, well I do, and to have almost an arena and everyone cheering you on, it was quite different and I actually enjoyed it more than I anticipated."


Lisette Forsyth painting a mural for IPAF


Lisette paints on StateoftheART Gallery windows


IPAF is a showcase of the very best talent within the street art scene, both locally and internationally - an epitome of creative expression for all Capetonians and visitors to enjoy. We were thrilled to take part and to welcome so many new faces to the Gallery. Visitors were excited to learn more about Lisette, her own street art which can be seen around the Woodstock area in Cape Town and her original artworks and prints available for sale at StateoftheART. Lisette takes found materials such as antique maps, newspapers or music notation and paints a contemporary figure on top - creating a dialogue between the past and present :  "The story of each piece is transmutation, the outcome, I hope, is enchantment," she says.

You can read more about the artist and even watch a short film with her in studio on her online portfolio.


Lisette Forsyth and IPAF 2022




View Lisette Forsyth's original and prints for sale online, or learn more about the International Public Art Festival in Cape Town.