Still Life Art For Sale

The things we own - the objects on our tables, the furniture in our homes - tell stories about who we are, what we value, and where we come from. Artists who make still life artworks create suggestive worlds, placing clues about their lives and their often invented, absent characters into their compositions.
Explore our collection of still life paintings available for sale online. We've carefully selected works with a contemporary twist by artists such as Grace Kotze who re-imagines the tradition of still life painting: the modern-day objects, vintage toys and flowers depicted in this collection of paintings prove that even the most mundane objects can be made into masterpieces.

About Still Life Painting
A still life (from the Dutch, stilleven) is a painting featuring an arrangement of inanimate, everyday objects, whether natural objects (flowers, food, wine, dead fish, skulls, etc.) or manufactured items (books, toys, vessels, etc.)