Inside the Zeitz MOCAA, a room with peach colour walls crammed full with artworks on the walls and a long table filled with sculptures in the middle.


"After a closure of more than seven months, Zeitz MOCAA is proud to reopen with an unprecedented, democratic celebration of art belonging to and made by the people of Cape Town. Assembled through an open submission process, this group exhibition of more than 1,600 artworks includes the art of children, professional and amateur artists, collectors, and others from across the city of Cape Town." - Zeitz MOCAA   

Between 22 October 2020 - 21 October 2021 the Zeitz MOCAA (Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary Art Africa) is exhibiting artworks by and for Cape Town locals, and several StateoftheART artists have their work included. Located in the Silo District of the V&A Waterfont in Cape Town, the museum is making headlines with this huge, inclusive and very exciting exhibition.

Home Is Where The Art Is at Zeitz MOCAA
"This, the Cape Town art museum’s first live showing of work in 219 days represents a watershed moment for the young institution, a shift in perspective, and a Herculean effort by the curatorial team to make the space more accessible to its primary interlocutors: Capetonians.
According to Koyo Kouoh, MOCAA’s executive director, the exhibition is an expression of the institution’s desire to actively make Capetonians part of the museum itself. And to make it a museum for all Capetonians, not just for tourists, and not just for a high-brow elite.
She says that with the exhibition, MOCAA aims to open a conversation with its core audience – people who live and work in Cape Town. It is also an exhibition marking the fundamental shift in our pre- and post-covid realities, recognising that our world is forever altered.
It’s a packed, packed exhibition – vibrant, remarkable in its scope, and somehow, even with some 2,000-odd vastly diverse works, magically comes together. It just clicks." - Keith Bain for Daily Maverick
Artists represented by StateoftheART who have their work on show include: Lisette Forsyth, Jo Roets, Claude Chandler, Chris Denovan, Tharien Smith, Gary Frier, Kitty Dörje, Janna Prinsloo, Anina Deetlefs, Catherine Ocholla, Sue Kaplan, Lizelle Kruger, Tanja Truscott, Shui-Lyn White, Shakes Tembani, Noeleen Kleve, Alex Marmarellis and Claudia Gurwitz.
A few of the pieces exhibited are also currently for sale through our online gallery, with shipping/collection available from January 2021.


Art at Zeitz MOCAA
"Nearly 2,000 artworks were submitted and one would rightfully feel that an exhibition of such magnitude and diversity might be an overwhelmingly higgledy-piggledy mess. However, the team of 11 curators have certainly earned their titles and, in a relatively short time period (around two weeks!), organised and displayed the works most thoughtfully. Noticing common themes and subject matter during the entry process the curatorial team grouped the works into distinct categories, i.e. The Garden, Inside, Outside, Relations and Time. These themes are then grouped via different rooms across the third floor of the museum, with artworks displayed salon-style - from floor to ceiling." - Ruth Cooper 

It is quite an experience to walk through the rooms of the Museum and take in such a large collection of art, especially on the lookout for pieces by artists you might know. If you do not live in Cape Town or cannot get there in person, we put together this short walkabout video to help you find the works by StateoftheART artists:


Tanja Truscott at Zeitz MOCAAChris Denovan at Zeitz MOCAA
Claudia Gurwitz at Zeitz MOCAANoeleen Kleve on show at Zeitz MOCAA
Anina Deetlefs at Zeitz MOCAAJo Roets at Zeitz MOCAA
Catherine Ocholla at Zeitz MOCAAClaude Chandler at Zeitz MOCAA
We recommend every Capetonian to visit this incredible show, support the Museum and see a (huge) variety of local art. Look out for the works by our artists and if any of these catch your eye, you can purchase directly online, with delivery after the exhibition closes in January 2021.
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