• Lisette Forsyth and the International Public Art Festival 2022
    StateoftheART Gallery and artist Lisette Forsyth teamed up to take part in the International Public Art Festival (or IPAF) in February 2022, with Lisette creating a temporary mural painting on the Gallery windows.
  • In the studio with Juanita Oosthuizen
    See behind the scenes in the studio of Juanita Oosthuizen and read an exclusive interview with the artist about her paper artworks, hand-cut miniature chairs and signature black and white artworks.
  • Studio visit with Kufa Makwavarara
    We visit artist Kufa Makwavarara at his home studio in Cape Town where he is busy with a large, colourful painting entitled ‘Covid Vaccine Roll-Out’
  • Featured Artist: Nic De Jesus
    Watch a short film behind the scenes with artist Nic De Jesus as he creates his mixed media works using both analog and digital techniques.
    The Cape Town Museum is exhibiting a group show of artworks by and for Cape Townians and several StateoftheART artists are included.
  • In the studio with Helen van Stolk
    Read our interview and enjoy a short film with artist Helen van Stolk, exploring her process of creating her abstract paintings.
  • In the studio with Nicole Pletts
    Learn more about Nicole Pletts and her process of painting and day to day life in the studio in this short film by StateoftheART.
  • In the studio with Heidi Shedlock
    An interview and film with Heidi Shedlock in her studio in Durban about her love for capturing the form of beautiful flowers.
  • In the Studio with Grace Kotze
    Visit the studio of artist Grace Kotze in Durban, meet the local monkeys and catch a glimpse of her latest paintings in our short film.
  • In the Studio with Pascale Chandler
    Watch our short film with Pascale Chandler in her home and studio in Durban, and read more about her work and what inspires her playful horse paintings.
  • In the Studio with Mariëtte Kotzé
    Watch Mariëtte Kotzé create abstract scanography art in our short film, and learn more about her fascinating unique process.
  • In the Studio with Melody French
    We visited the studio of abstract artist Melody French and captured part of her art making process to share with you in a short film.
  • In the Studio with Jeannie Kinsler
    Visit Jeannie Kinsler in her studio in Durban in this short film for a peek into her home life and creative inspirations.
  • In the Studio with Corné Eksteen : NEXUS
    In this short film, we visit Corné Eksteen in his studio in Durban as he prepares for his solo exhibition 'NEXUS'.
  • In the Studio with Noeleen Kleve
    Learn more about printmaking from artist and teacher Noeleen Kleve in her studio in Kommetjie.
  • In the Studio with Marie-Adèle de Villiers
    A short video and an interview with artist Marie-Adèle de Villiers, who expresses her fascination with mountains in ink drawings and marks of time.
  • In the studio with Tharien Smith
    We visit Tharien Smith in her studio and shop at Tharien's Trimorphic Art.
  • In the studio with Liffey Joy
    We go behind the scenes with Liffey Joy in her home studio as she creates one of her mixed media works and meet her friendly cat, Rosie!
  • In the studio with Lisette Forsyth
    We go behind the scenes with Lisette Forsyth in her studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.
  • In the studio with Joanne Reen
    A short video on artist Joanne Reen in her studio in Port Elizabeth, and the inspiration she draws from the village of Nieu Bethesda.
  • VIDEO: in the studio with Karen Wykerd
    Learn more about Karen's work, process and inspiration in this short film created by StateoftheART.
  • Elinor Speirs performs at THE MARKS WE MAKE
    Elinor Spears performed at the exhibition opening of The Marks We Make on 25 January, improvising a musical response to the artworks on show.
  • First Thursdays | April 2016
    On 7 April 2016 we opened ORGANISM, the second solo exhibition of Janet Botes. Showing recent work inspired by the scientific-biological nature, but also the spiritual symbolism, of an organism.