Awards Reception : Finalists Exhibition 2019

On 5 September 2019 we celebrated the second edition of the StateoftheART Gallery Award with a special Awards Reception and Finalists Exhibition.

Jennifer Reynolds announced Silas Motse as the People's Choice Award winner; and Balekane Legoabe as the overall 2019 Winner of a solo exhibition and a R20,000 cash prize to support the development of new work.

The 2019 Finalists (from left) Monique Day-Wilde, Laurette de Jager, Damian Osborne, Balekane Legoabe, Larissa Mwanyama, Christelle Viviers and Simon Venter.
The 2019 Winner of the StateoftheART Gallery Award - Balekane Legoabe.
Photography by Reven Moodley and Andrea Stallbom.