Karla Nixon

Karla Nixon

South Africa | 6 artworks for sale

My corrugated portraits speak to themes of the fragile nature of existence and transience.

The selection of portraits are mostly of the current generation at an age where they are expected to be entering the working world; some thriving, but, most merely surviving in the current social climate. We may live in a globalized, digitized era, with everything at our figure tips, but ‘making it’ in the world today is far harder than it has ever been.

An example of this is seen in the online shopping business, something that the current generation is abundantly familiar with. Packages delivered to our door from anywhere in the world, makes convenience a normality. But with this convenience comes great loss, loss of social interaction, loss of jobs, and growth of consumerism.

The portraits are created out of the very same packaging material used in deliveries, such as corrugated cardboard, packaging tape and fragile stickers. These materials are made to keep precious items safe but are themselves worthless.

The loss and transience is further emphasized through the revealing of the portraits by the act of ‘destruction’. The monochromatic artwork and subtle image created from light and shadow speaks to the transient nature of existence, and the struggles within life today.

M.Tech Fine Art (Durban University Of Technology)

Karla Nixon is a Durban based artist who predominantly works with paper. She hand cuts and sculpts intricate, images drawn from her surrounding environment. Nixon completed her degree in Fine Art in 2012 at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa. Her degree focused on paper cutting as a contemporary art form, which she completed with Cum Laude. During her studies she received a number of awards, namely the Sam Newton Trophy and the Deans Merit. She is currently completing her MTech at DUT, which the exhibition titled ‘Once More’ is partial fulfillment for.  She has participated in a number of group shows in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Selected Exhibitions:

Breathing Space, Durban, Transition, curated by Grace Kotze (Group Exhibition)
ArtSpace Durban, Durban, Once More (Solo Exhibition)
DF Contemporary, Cape Town, Artemisia (Group Exhibition)
Loading Bay Gallery, Durban, Own a Space-July (Group Exhibition)
Loading Bay Gallery, Durban, Own a Space-August (Group Exhibition)

Open Plan Studio, Durban, Tracksides (Group Exhibition)
Fringe Art Fair, Arts on Main, Johannesburg, Curate. a. space, curated by Carol Brown (Group Exhibition)
Hilton Arts Festival, Hilton, Eye Candy, curated by Carol Brown (Group Exhibition)
DUT Gallery, DUT Staff Exhibition (Group Exhibition)
Breathing Space, Anthropology III, curated by Grace Kotze (Group Exhibition)

Durban Art Gallery, Looking Forward: Our lives in 2034 (Group Exhibition)


ArtSpace Durban, Absa L’atilier Art Competition
ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg, Absa L’atilier Art Competition top 100

The Collective, Durban, Three Boys and a Girl (Group Exhibition)
The Collective, Durban, Black and Blue (Group Exhibition)
ArtSpace Durban, Science Art/ Art Science (Group Exhibition)
ArtSpace Durban, d’ Art Exchange and Artists (Group Exhibition)
ArtSpace Durban, Absa L’atilier Art Competition
Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, Sasol Signatures (Finalist)

Durban University of Technology Art Gallery, Durban, Reuse (Group Exhibition)

Durban University of Technology Art Gallery, Durban, Amazing Starts (Group Exhibition)