Meet the Judges: Carol Hodes

The State of the Art Gallery Award jury consists of respected professionals engaged in different spheres of contemporary art who bring academic, artistic and curatorial experience to the judging process. For information on the Gallery Award,  CLICK HERE 


Carol Hodes

art-o-holic: art collector and enthusiast

Carol Hodes has been collecting art since 1977 - her first purchase was an Amos Langdown painting. She describes herself not as a collector but rather an art lover and self-confessed "art-o-holic". An avid consumer of art books and dvds, art for Carol is about enriching her life, and her collection extends from her house to a storage container which holds work that no longer speak to her.

Carol confesses to buying work that she likes, rather than works that others like, and is quick to point out that her taste has changed considerably over the years. She advises emerging art collectors to purchase works they respond to rather than follow trends, as young up-and-comers may prove to be a flash in the pan, and she finds great joy in discovering young artists and watching their practice develop.

Hanging or placing art is Carol's form of creativity and in 2014 she was invited to curate the group exhibition 'From The Heart' at the Christopher Moller gallery. 

Carol's art aquisitions are instinctual and diverse - and not limited to South Africa as she owns many works by artists living working in the USA, Hungary, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Spain and more.