Digital Paintings & Art For Sale

Discover exciting new digital artists such as Ruan Jooste, Balekane Legoabe and Janet Botes who are embracing technology in the creation of their pieces.

Digital art is a medium which allows artists to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible in art, and acquiring digital paintings can give a collector the opportunity to be part of this evolution in art.

About Digital Painting
Digital painting is the process of creating a painting using digital tools, such as a computer, a graphics tablet, and software designed for digital art creation. It is similar to traditional painting, but instead of using paint and a physical canvas, the artist creates the artwork using a digital brush and a virtual canvas.

Collecting Tips
Evaluate the artwork: As with any art form, it is important to evaluate the artwork based on its artistic merit, such as originality, creativity, and technical skill. Look for digital paintings that are well-executed, visually interesting, and meaningful.

Research the artist: As with any type of art, it's important to research the artist and their background before purchasing a piece. Look for artists who have a solid body of work and a track record of exhibitions and awards.

Consider the edition: Many digital paintings are produced as limited editions, meaning that only a certain number of prints will be made. Make sure you understand the edition size and whether the piece you're considering is a unique original or one of many prints.