Abstract Expressionism Paintings For Sale

Discover the brilliance of Jackson Pollock and his iconic 'drip paintings' with StateoftheART. Our collection features a stunning selection of modern and abstract works by artists such as James de Villiers, whose work is inspired by this legendary American Post-War artist and pioneer of Abstract Expressionism.

Pollock's artistic journey was a tumultuous one, marked by his nomadic childhood and personal struggles. Yet, his unique style, which evolved from regionalism to abstract expressionism, speaks to the power of creativity to transform pain into beauty.

Our collection showcases the beauty and power of abstract art, with pieces that feature dynamic movement, bold colors, and striking textures, our selection offers something for every taste and budget.

With StateoftheART, you can easily bring the energy and vibrancy of modern art into your home or office. Impress your guests with exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces by contemporary artists from South Africa, and discover the transformative power of abstract art today.