A mosaic artwork of a bird on the wall outside StateoftheART Gallery in Cape Town.

Guerrilla MOSAIC Bomb by Spier Arts Trust

Visit the Gallery on Buitenkant Street in Cape Town to see a new mosaic installed outside!
Facilitated by the Spier Arts Trust, StateoftheART is now a custodian of this Guerrilla Mosaic “Bomb”. The design was conceptualised by participating local artist Robyn Pretorius and then skilfully translated by the Spier Arts talented mosaic artisans.

The Spier Arts Trust values the cultural contribution of art to South Africa’s creative economy. Their purpose is to facilitate successful art careers by enabling freedom of creative expression with the potential for social transformation.
Spier Arts Trust received a Mzansi Golden Economy grant from the South African Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, which enabled Phase 1 of this public art project. The aim is to build a walking tourism map connecting the public artworks and it truly is a gift to the city.
Find out more about the Spier Arts projects and Mosaic artisans here.


StateoftheART is honoured to be part of this project and we especially love the design of the Cape Bulbul by Robyn Pretorius.
Read more about the artwork and the artist below, or visit the Gallery to see it in person.


Robyn Pretorius stands next to the Mosaic Bomb
Robyn Pretorius with the Guerrilla Mosaic Bomb featuring her design "Affinity"


An excerpt on the artwork by Robyn Pretorius:

"Affinity",  the Cape Bulbul.

'The Guerrilla Mosaic "Bomb" design at the entrance of StateoftheART gallery was inspired by a mixed medium artwork I created called 'Affinity'. It is one of three paintings that combined birds and human occupation in a portrait art style. The breed of birds included in the artwork, such as the red-winged starling, the Cape Bulbul, and the Cape Gull, were chosen for their indigenous species status to South Africa and their relevance to the region's geography. The collaboration between my art practice, Spier Arts Trust and the Guerrilla Mosaic Bomb project resulted in three bird species being conceptualized into a mosaic artwork that allowed them to fly within Cape Town's city center as representations of nature.

Cape Town has a complex socioeconomic and political history, but its natural beauty and richness of land are undeniable, particularly around the iconic Hoerikwaggo, commonly known as Table Mountain. The mosaic artwork is a celebration of the region's unique natural heritage and its ability to coexist with urban development.

I feel honored to be amongst the chosen group of artist involved in this public art collaboration and also to have Affinity flying by the entrance of StateoftheART Gallery.'

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Cape Bulbul Bird on a blue background, painting by Robyn Pretorius
The original 'Affinity' artwork by Robyn Pretorius, oil and mixed media on canvas, 42 x 59.4cm.


The Spier Arts team installing the mosaicInstalling the Mosaic Bomb

Spier Arts Trust installing the Mosaic outside StateoftheART Gallery and Bestwood Flooring on Buitenkant St.


The Cape Bulbul bird created as a mosaic by Spier Arts Trust
The Final Mosaic "bomb" featuring the Cape Bulbul design by Robyn Pretorius

StateoftheART Gallery on Buitenkant Street. The mosaic bomb to the left of the Gallery entrance and contemporary art is visible through the windows.


Visit the Gallery at 50 Buitenkant Street to see the Mosaic and step inside for our latest selection of contemporary South African art.


View a short video of the Mosaic on Instagram: