Opening of UNDERCURRENTS | Nov 2018

1 Nov 2018

On 1st November we opened the group exhibition UNDERCURRENTS at StateoftheART Gallery in Buitenkant Street, to coincide with First Thursdays in the East City.

Delving into the hidden depths of the subconscious, UNDERCURRENTS explores the dark, curious and peculiar worlds of creative possibilities.

Each artist brings a personal revelation about the nature of selfhood, and their deep-seated need for connection with either a place or with other people. Joanne Reen focuses her gaze on Monet's home in Giverny after a recent visit whilst Tanya Sternberg continues to examine mysterious traces and tracks imprinted on the Okavango landscape from an aerial perspective. Chris Denovan and Jeannie Kinsler’s paintings of the human form swirl with an emotional undertone of intrigue, loss and longing.

View the exhibition  online here >>>

Tanya Sternberg with her laser-cut paper work 'Wild Calm Connection'

Chris Denovan with his painting 'Into Leaves'

Many thanks to Established Africa for visiting the Gallery and creating this film of the Opening on 1st November:

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