Clinton Savage

Clinton Savage is a noted interior designer and owner of the C S HOME décor store in Chelsea Village, Wynberg, in Cape Town.  His personal style is best described as contemporary with a mix of classic styling. Clinton has been interviewed on Top Billing as is regularly featured in numerous décor magazines.

Gallery Director Jennifer Reynolds  interviews guest curator Clinton Savage.

Where do you start when transforming a room: furniture, paint color, or art? Or somewhere else entirely?

Firstly it is very important that you establish the style and feel you want to create in the space. Often this will be influenced by the style or architecture of your home. Once this has been decided we would move on with the layouts of the room.  Once I am happy with this I would start specifying the furniture, finishes & paint colours. Lastly and most importantly, finishing off the room, once the bulk of the furniture is in place I would choose the soft furnishings/accessories and artworks. This stage helps to pull everything together and to complete the room perfectly.

You’re a believer in unique and one-of-a-kind items. Do you apply that to buying art as well?
I do indeed, art is a very personal thing and truly needs to be unique, but needs to work in harmony with your interior surroundings- Art must be something beautiful that you love looking at and gives you joy for many years to come.

What was the first piece of art you bought?

The first piece of art I bought was a Georgian drawing of an old Parisian cathedral. It was not an expensive piece, but I truly loved the feeling it gave me, it now hangs in my study at home.

What role should art play in an interior? How important is it?

Art is VERY important in any interior, it helps to reflect the personality of one’s home and without art the home seems empty.

What is your approach to mixing pattern and colour in the home?

I have never been a lover of lots of colour, I always work with a neutral palette and add colour through soft furnishings which is easy to be changed seasonally. I love the bright colours and patterns that are available this season. Colour blocking is huge at the moment in both interiors and fashion.

What’s your advice on how to build an art collection?
Start by going to galleries or searching online and see what styles you prefer and build your collection slowly by purchasing items that  you really enjoy.

Is it possible to have a great looking home, including art, on a small budget?

I think it is very possible- your website is a prime example of how you can by beautiful art and at reasonable prices.

What designer do you admire most?
The designer which I admire most is Kelly Hoppen- I think her style is so chic without trying to be pretentious. Her interiors are warm, comfortable and livable. 

What do you like about using
It has been my best discovery ever! What I love about the site is the large collection of different pieces available. It is also makes my life easy as everything is broken down from: styles, colour, medium to price. The other special feature which I really enjoy is how each piece is put into a room to scale. 

Do I have to spend a lot of money to have good art?
Most certainly not, I could go on to your site right now and view numerous beautiful pieces that are more than reasonable in cost.

"I am a great fan of black and white photography in general, I chose pieces of captured moments that spoke to me. In paintings, I always lean towards colourful abstracts, I'm not drawn to realism. I find the vast room for interpretation in abstract work to be very intriguing, to live with an abstract piece and to discover something new every time I look at it brings joy."