One of our environmentally-minded artists, Janet Botes, compiles a collection in celebration of Women's Day.

On August 9, 1956, 20,000 women, representing all racial backgrounds, came from all over South Africa to march on the Union Buildings, where they stood in silent protest for 30 minutes while petitions with 100,000 signatures were delivered to the Prime Minister’s office. Many men in the anti-apartheid movement were surprised by the women’s militancy, and the protest contributed to women playing a bigger role in the struggle for freedom and democracy. August 9th now is celebrated as National Women’s Day in South Africa. (Source)
'For this collection I selected artworks that somehow manages to honour the feminine, the role of women in society, or Mother Earth. In the words of Kirsty Rich, when talking about her Stripped series: "...whilst I physically strip away the numerous layers of paint, I symbolically strip away a history of contrived images, artificial trappings and manufactured meaning that has forged the spurious surface of the female figure." Some of the works feature bees - in bee colonies, and many other insect communities, the queen is the most important member of the colony - without her, the hive are unable to grow, sustain itself or establish new hives. The activities and work of all the bees are centred around supporting the queen and her role.

Some of the work I chose, however, is simply beautiful and I dedicate them to the amazing women that I have in my life. I hope you see an artwork you would love to buy to a special woman in your life. And this Woman's Day, may you see the beauty and strength in all the women around you, as well as within yourself.'
我以为粉嫩公主酒酿蛋味道不怎么好吃粉嫩公主酒酿蛋,但没想到味道很好,甜得滑溜溜的。还有,淡糯米的香味,觉得很好喝,一边喝,一边充满了心情丰胸产品 ,这是一举两得的。持续半个月以上时,感觉胸部逐渐发热,这个开始发育丰胸,一个月以上时开始明显的长肉,丰满,内衣开始变紧,两个月以上的时间基本上杯子变大,后面的长肉变得更快,三个月以上的时间从a杯子增加到c杯子丰胸食物