First Thursdays | August 2015

"These are people who we love and rely on.
Finding people who would trust me with their documents  - and in the process getting to know them better,
has been very rewarding"
- Lisette Forsyth.

Artist Lisette Forsyth with her niece

exhibition at Cape Town gallery StateofheART

First Thursdays Cape Town at StateoftheART

Love Thy Neighbour, and exhibition by Lisette Forsyth

Lisette Forsyth with Nation and his portrait

Rose with her portrait by Lisette Forsyth

Cape Town art gallery StateoftheART

Posing for photographs at StateoftheART

Cape Town art gallery StateoftheART exhibition opening for Love Thy Neighbour

Art for sale by Lisette Forsyth at Cape Town art gallery StateoftheART

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