Artists and guests at the Fabrication Finissage event at StateoftheART Gallery.

Fabrication Finissage

On 15 October 2022, the artists and curators of 'FABRICATION : A Message Folded, Moulded and Stitched' hosted a Finissage event, inviting visitors to take part in an contemplative and interactive session of stitching on fabric while chatting with the artists about their artwork on show.

Small squares of natural fabric, thread and needles were provided abd guests were invited to make their own marks on the fabric. The stitched squares will be assembled after the event to make one collaborative piece and a lucky Fabrication Finissage participant won the collaborative piece; a journal of thoughts around this special exhibition.

See the Fabrication exhibition online here, or read more about the opening event and Gretchen van der Byl's address.


Hands holding needles at the Fabrication Finissage event

Guests stitching as part of Fabrication finissage

Laurel Holmes speaking at Fabrication Finissage eventLaurel Holmes speaking about her artworks at the Fabrication Finissage.


Jo Roets speaking at Fabrication Finissage event
Jo Roets speaking about her air-dried clay artworks.


Maia Lehr-Sacks speaking at the Fabrication Finissage event
Maia Lehr-Sacks speaking about her artworks on show in the Fabrication group exhibition


Kristen McClarty speaking at Fabrication FinissageKristen McClarty showing her stitched artworks on show in 'Fabrication'


Stitched fabric squares at the Fabrication FinissageThe final stitched squares which will become one collaborative artwork.

Find out more about the Fabrication group exhibition here>