Meet the Judges : Masixole Ncevu

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Masixole Ncevu

Award-winning photographer, artist and visual storyteller

Born in the Eastern Cape in the 1990s, Masixole Ncevu is currently living and working in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ncevu completed an advanced course in photography at Vega and was awarded the Vega School of Brand Leadership Advanced Photography Award in 2015. His images of people and scenes from everyday life are deeply evocative and resound with multiple nuanced readings.
Over the years, photography has played a fundamental role in shifting and reforming the way in which Masixole sees the world around him. His penchant for shooting street scenes and people has led to many unexpected encounters and experiences with strangers, which has allowed him to recognize his own prejudices and move beyond these. Ncevu has already gained international attention and having recently returned from a residency in Austria, is shortlisted  for the August Sander Prize in Germany.

 “Though still young and finding his place in South African photography, Ncevu is an important “voice”, and a good example of how problematic street and ethnographic photographers can approach documenting people’s lives: with honesty and integrity” 
– Russell Grant for Mail & Guardian