Collage Art For Sale

Discover and collect original collage art by outstanding emerging and established artists from South Africa. At StateoftheART you will find an exclusive selection of available paintings, sculpture, drawings and more.

Collage describes both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other types of mixed or found media are arranged and placed onto a supporting surface.

There are several techniques associated with collage:
Papier collé translates as ‘pasted paper’ and refers to the exclusive use of paper stuck onto a flat surface, as opposed to collage, which employs different materials. View the work of Karla Nixon.
Digital collage is a form of graphic art that uses virtual imagery and textures from different sources pieced and layered together (in a program such as Photoshop) into one final assembled image. Take a look at the work of Balekane Legoabe.
Photomontage can be a powerful tool for social commentary as artists manipulate and edit images from mass media to play with or recreate their meaning - an example is the work of Janet Botes.