In the Studio with Corné Eksteen : NEXUS

25 Feb 2019

Corné Eksteen is a contemporary painter living and working in Durban, South Africa.

His work primarily consists of deconstructed and fractured portraits, which are created using traditions from both figurative and abstract painting, with a central conceptual focus of identity. View his work available online here>>> 


‘NEXUS’ is a body of work which explores our understanding of “self” in a world where our definitions of what it means to be human is being shifted by the influence of technology and rapidly shifting social norms. These works are rooted in psychological studies and relate to images normally associated with the Rorschach test. These “rigged portraits” play on the viewer’s instinctive ability to recognize faces and their innate associations with symmetry to create emotive “portraits” and explore the links between the sitter, the artist and the viewer.

In this film, we visit Corné in his studio as he prepares for his solo exhibition NEXUS, opening 7 March 2019 at StateoftheART Gallery in Cape Town.

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