Chris Denovan

Art Investor Podcast: Chris Denovan

Join artist Chris Denovan as he chats to the Art Investor Podcast about his paintings on plexiglass, his career, the year 2020 and what it means to invest in emerging artists.
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The Art Investor is a podcast designed not to update you on art market news or give you tips on how to make a profit trading art, but rather to provide a platform to emerging artists to reach an audience of fans and potential future buyers in an intimate meaningful way. Like buying shares in a company early on, buying art is like owning a small piece of that artist's future success and providing them working capital to make more.
"The format is a long-form discussion with the artist where we cover their history or early influences, their inspiration and education and their process, and then in the second section, to have the artist talk us through (in whatever level of detail they choose), 5 to 10 of their works. The idea for this section is that you leave this podcast playing in the background while you go to the_art_investor Instagram page and follow along with the numbered images we will refer to as we talk." (source)

We really enjoyed this point that Chris made about what makes an "emerging artist":
"I think its really important that if you’re interested in an artist and you really like their art, it is really important for you as a buyer of work to invest in an artist that you just naturally and instinctively feel is a good artist. You’re doing that artist a favour because you’re giving them an emotional - and hopefully monetary - support, you’re behind their work. That will hopefully uplift their emotional and practical painting-making. It will make them make works.
It’s funny, if you’re a patron you can make or break artists. By commissioning them or by asking them to make paintings will naturally make them a stronger artist and make them an ‘emerging artist’."

Chris' artwork 'Broken Pieces' is featured on the podcast:

Broken Pieces by Chris Denovan

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