8 Good Reasons To Buy Original Artworks From Local Galleries


article on buying art by Cedric Vanderlinden

Stimulating Innovation and Creativity

Art is a key trigger to developing creativity and innovation. The overwhelming majority of international cutting edge businesses have offices replete with artworks, influencing mood, focusing thoughts, and fostering new modes of problem-solving. What do they know and how is your business environment fostering creativity and innovation?

Making a Statement
An artwork is more than simply a decorative object. Finding the right artwork, one that ‘speaks’ to you and your business, creates a synergy and often enables you to communicate beyond corporate statements. What does the art in your business say?

Nothing will create a space quite like an original local artwork. Finding the right piece for your space will help you transform any office or boardroom in a way that mirrors, televisions, and mass-produced objects simply cannot. The right original artwork will always create a unique setting. How are you shaping your working environment?

Artworks are well-known for their potential to grow in value over time. Choosing to buy art, as opposed to merely decorative objects, means that you are conscious of growing your business’s asset base. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. Are your aesthetic purchases potentially working for you?

Developing Local Industry
When you buy from resident artists, you are doing your part towards developing a thriving local ‘creative market’. These artists, in turn, support local businesses. Plus, it has the added benefit of enhancing the value of your art purchases, the local artists, and the area in general. What part do you play in the local economy?

The first rule of investing in art is to buy what you love. Art can be one of the most enjoyable ways to invest, as offers day-to-day visual and intellectual pleasure. Does your work environment bring you happiness?

An artist will invest days, months, and even years to create a single artwork, which results in exceptional, unique objects that have a value that transcend their price tags. When you buy an original artwork, you are paying for more than just the object - you are investing in the rare qualities of craftsmanship, effort, and vision. How unique is your space?

A Novel Corporate Gift
Very few things make better gifts than artworks. Unlike almost all other gifts, artworks will remain unique and carry an impact that you simply cannot match with a pen or bottle of wine, growing with age and contemplation. How are you making an impact?