South African visual artist Zolani Siphungela

Zolani Siphungela

Cape Town | 5 artworks for sale

  • Shakespeare - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela Shakespeare
    Woodcut / 30 x 30 cm
    R3 450
  • The Blues - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela The Blues
    Woodcut / 64 x 95 cm
    R22 000
  • Classics - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela Classics
    Woodcut / 63 x 48 cm
    R12 250
  • Requiem For A Dream - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela Requiem For A Dream
    Woodcut / 61 x 93 cm
    R20 000
  • Mistress Music - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela Mistress Music
    Woodcut / 60 x 90 cm
    R20 000
  • Bodies - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela
    Woodcut / 30 x 30 cm
  • Dog In The Gallery - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela
    Dog In The Gallery
    Woodcut / 30 x 30 cm
  • Call From Prison - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela
    Call From Prison
    Woodcut / 30 x 30 cm
  • Deep In - Woodcut by Zolani Siphungela
    Deep In
    Woodcut / 61 x 47 cm
  • Blue Heart Man ed.2/30 - Print by Zolani Siphungela
    Blue Heart Man ed.2/30
    Print / 30 x 42 cm
  • Distant Fathers ed. 2/30 - Print by Zolani Siphungela
    Distant Fathers ed. 2/30
    Print / 30 x 42 cm
Zolani Siphungela is a socially conscious artist who reflects on contemporary South African society. Primarily working with intricate wooden reliefs, Zolani meticulously carves then paints his works in a process that can take months to complete. His creative voice draws attention to the restrictions that are still placed on the lives of ethnic minorities in South Africa.
An exchange with artist groups in New York and Israel influenced Zolani's artistic engagement with his origins and contemporary South African society, which is characterized by extreme social discrepancy. After many years in public he has now withdrawn and lives in the township of Mfuleni, where he is committed to his family and his community.
N.Dip Fine Art (Walter Sisulu University)
Zolani Siphungela was born in 1986 in Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape. He attended the Walter Sisulu University in East London where he studied fine art. In 2009 he completed his diploma in fine arts and moved to Cape Town to build a career as an artist. He soon staged solo exhibitions in well-known Cape Town galleries and gained local and international attention. Zolani is proficient in a wide range of artistic media: in addition to his woodcuts, he works in oil and coal, he also creates collages and builds sculptures out of steel, wood and clay.

In 2014 Zolani Siphungela was the recipient of the prestigious David Koloane Award, and went on the exhibit and the FNB Johannesburg Art Fair.

Selected Exhibitions:
Group exhibition at Eclectica Print gallery - Print Competition and Exhibition
Group exhibition in Germany with Matchbox  - JAHRESGABE
Thupelo Group Exhibition - Greatmore Studios, Cape Town
Group exhibition - The Contemporary Collection at Lovey N'Rose, Cape Town

A documentary tour to Israel followed by a group exhibition at the Palestine museum in Cape Town
Group exhibition 'The Collaborative Spirit' at No Man's Art Gallery Johannesburg

Group exhibition in New York City
Recipient ofthe honourable David Koloane Award
Group exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Fair via Bag Factory

Solo exhibition , Worldast, Cape Town

group exhibition 'Óur Fathers'at the AVA in Cape Twon
group exhibition 'At night we dream during the day we see' at AVA, Cape Town
solo exhibition, AVA, Cape Town

Solo exhibition 'Angels With Dirty Faces'at Worldart Gallery, Cape Town.

solo exhibition at the  World Art Gallery  Cape Town

Which new trends or South African artists do you find inspiring at the moment?
I really enjoy the use of raw material, recycled and found objects. I love any kind of new inventive or creative process, I feel like it has always been that way.

Which South African deceased artist do you most admire and why?
Peter Clarke

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?
It would be the one still in my head that I have not produced yet, I believe it can shake the world.

How did you get started? Did you always want to be an artist?
I never thought of myself to be an artist and I don’t remember starting. I was just inclined to create things from a young age, drawing in the sand and on everyday objects.

What are some of the key themes you explore in your work?
I have always focused on socio-political and environmental issues. Also the role of women, the value and treatment of women, and the life experienced by women living in our society.

What should people know about your art that they can’t tell from looking at it?
That my art is inspired by the love of music and that it is my intention that my works should speak for themselves without my interpretation.

Tell us more about your creative process.
My work is a reaction to the joy and difficulties which I face on daily basis. Each day is different to the next – and my work reflects that. I work – and I live.   

What drives you as an artist?
I am driven by an innate, compulsive desire to create. And the huge amount of satisfaction I derive from making my art: the wood cuts, my printmaking, my paintings – and sculptural pieces.

Do you have a favourite or most meaningful work?
I enjoy most works of art and the one that is in my mind, waiting to be borne,  I think it will always be the most meaningful.

What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?
To find myself , and to be able to find balance between my imagination and the work I create.

What are your aspirations for the future?
To create work that is Universal and timeless