Abstract*d : group exhibition

Curated by Tanja Truscott
artist walkabout with Tanja Truscott and Odette Marais: 19 May at 11:30 am

7 - 28 May 2022
50 Buitenkant Street, Cnr Roeland & Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
Gallery hours: 10 - 4 Tues to Friday, 10 - 1 Saturdays
or by appointment

Abstracted group exhibition

This artist-run exhibition, curated by Tanja Truscott, is born from a passion for Abstract art. It presents the work of Balekane Legoabe, Odette Marais, Karla Nixon, Tanja Truscott and Shui-Lyn White. Five artists who explore beyond the physical reality to express that which can’t always be explained in words, giving us the time to reflect and look beyond the surface.

For this exhibition five abstract artists were in visual conversation with one another. They ‘spoke’ to one another in images. It was a conversation without words; about line, colour, texture, shape and light. Sometimes the conversation was direct and at other times it was quirky with humorous lateral jumps, but it always spoke about how they saw the world around them through the fundamentals of abstract art.

As Shui Lyn wrote:
‘I found myself gazing at the visual exchanges, wondering at the shapes, the colours, the light, the angles…Watching the bounce of one image alongside another … from the real into the digital and back into the real again but this time on paper or canvas.’
The exhibition runs from 7 - 28 May, at StateoftheART Gallery.

See photos from the Opening Event and read Tanja Truscott's opening address.