How to Package Your Art with CORNÉ EKSTEEN

23 May 2018

StateoftheART presents 'How to Package Your Art' with CORNÉ EKSTEEN.

In PART ONE, Corné demonstrates how to protect the surface and structure of your artwork using Archival Paper and Cardboard corners; and how to wrap your artwork in Plastic and Bubble Wrap.

In PART TWO he shows us how to create a cardboard box to keep your artwork protected while being transported - and a quick recap and demonstration of how to package larger artworks together.

See the list of Materials and Tools Corné used here:

In this video, Corné explains some things to think about before you start to package your art.

And lastly, a tutorial on How to Make your own Cardboard Corners.
In this video, Corné shows you step-by-step how to create your own corners out of cardboard, to protect the edges of your artwork when transporting.

 and Browse Corné Eksteen's works available online HERE