WATER MARK: a solo exhibition by Laurel Holmes

Show opens 24 October 2020 from 11am till 3pm
Exhibition continues till 14 November 2020

50 Buitenkant Street, Cnr Roeland & Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
Gallery hours: 10 - 4 Mon to Friday, 10 - 1 Saturdays
or by appointment
Please join us for "WATER MARK" a solo exhibition by Laurel Holmes on view at StateoftheART in Cape Town and online in a 3D space from 24 October - 14 November 2020.

"The finer textures of nature have always intrigued me - the strata within rock, the veins of a leaf, the way a plant grows and desiccates, the way water moves. I am interested in the aesthetic of nature, which has been deeply influential throughout my life. The idea of water and its mark is used in my work to refer to the metaphoric ebb and flow of human lives: the departure and return or the swirling of emotions and experiences. Being in nature makes me mindlessly 'content.' I can watch the movement of water for ages without being aware of time or having other thoughts.
In this body of work, I have taken the pattern or marks made in the sand by water during the receding tide and played with it on paper and with paper, creating sculptural works in an attempt to capture these transient natural images. The final artworks present these captured textures found in the natural environment.
I often use monochromatic hues in my printworks to draw attention to the essence of natural patterns and forms. In my paintings I prefer to hone in on a small, attractive aspect of a scene, revealed to me in the still frame of a photograph that I perhaps couldn't see before due to the speed of moving water. When I paint I use photographs as a reference to lay down a colour or a basic idea but then let the work develop, trying to remain unattached to an outcome.

Living at the coast, in Kommetjie, at what sometimes seems like the edge of the continent, I am daily at the sea. I watch the waves and current flow in and out. So constant but never the same. And I think about how this relates to change in our lives. In a coastal landscape where the sea scours, encroaches, pulls and flows onto the land, nothing is fixed or completely solid. My practice is a way of finding my equilibrium within this space of natural change." - Laurel Holmes

Behind the scenes of Water Mark:

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