South African visual artist Lindsay Quirk

Lindsay Quirk

South Africa | 2 artworks for sale

  • VI/VI - Mixed Media Artwork by Lindsay Quirk VI/VI
    Mixed Media Artwork / 46 x 46 cm
    R6 350
  • I/VI - Mixed Media Artwork by Lindsay Quirk I/VI
    Mixed Media Artwork / 46 x 46 cm
    R6 350
Drawing on her love of whole or broken china with its myriad of processes and motifs ,an entirely deconstructed version has emerged in this collection of paper moulded platters.
These quiet ,restrained ,emblems of time and place are a departure from her fantastically worked, patterned, iconographic and richly colored pieces .
Soft organic shapes, textures and tones emerge from a process of papersmithing - applying and moulding several printmakers papers , layer by layer , strip by strip. Pared down, quiet space is permitted to hold its own as artwork.
The notion of the dish on which to hold or serve is now transmuted into a form that serves messaging.
The faintest of cloth partially encircles each piece and slow graduated stitching hold memories whilst simultaneously closing out noise and allowing thought.
A shard, the only homage to decoration, centres.

Lindsay Quirk was born in 1965,in Johannesburg, South Africa .

She studied Fine Art at Rhodes University Grahamstown and majored in colour etching and Western reduction woodblock printmaking.

Currently based in Kommetjie, Cape Town, Lindsay teaches printmaking , produces her own prints and works with various forms of paper and stitchwork.


See the artist's work on show in 'Fabrication: A Message Folded, Moulded and Stitched', at StateoftheART Gallery from 24 Sep - 15 Oct 2022.