South African visual artist Katja Abbott

Katja Abbott

South Africa | 2 artworks for sale

  • Caterina - Sculpture by Katja Abbott Caterina
    Sculpture / 10 x 36 cm
    R3 975
  • Bep - Sculpture by Katja Abbott Bep
    Sculpture / 11 x 35 cm
    R3 975
Around 2 000 years ago Marcus Aurelius said, ‘What stands in the way, becomes the way’. Having the limitation of a tiny kiln, this year I found myself making animal heads, rather than entire animals. Thinking I could make their bodies from fabric. Most of the heads my hands made were birds.

In many cultures birds are seen as symbols of transcendence with an ability to defy gravity and exist in multiple realms. Spirits with the capacity to break from confining patterns of existence.

My grandmothers used to sew. One made finely tailored suits and the other was always darning or doing cross-stich embroidery. Both of them were talented women forbidden by their husbands to have their own careers.

I have named these birds after and in honour of my female ancestors who sewed and held things together with much more than thread. To Bep, Loorna, Caterina, Jacoba, Bertha and Jessie.

After studying graphic design and working as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and editor for many years, I am currently completing a Visual Arts degree through UNISA. In a world where the conflict between nature and technology is ever present, I am concerned with the effect that rapidly diminishing wild spaces has on the well-being of both humans and animals. Using a variety of mediums including clay, textiles and mixed media, I explore this disconnect from wilderness, wildness and our instinctual intuitive nature.

The primary source of inspiration for my work is the imagery that emerges from the dark and silent realm of the dreamtime. My art practice allows for the unpremeditated emergence of forms and imaginary worlds that lie below the surface of everyday reality.

See the artist's work on show in 'Fabrication: A Message Folded, Moulded and Stitched', at StateoftheART Gallery from 24 Sep - 15 Oct 2022.

Selected group exhibitions

July: Kalk Bay Modern Online Exhibition
August:  RK Contemporary, Riebeek Kasteel, She
September: Kalk Bay Modern Sculpture & Ceramics Exhibition
October: RK Contemporary, Riebeek Kasteel, What on Earth
December: IS Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, Hamba Kahle 2020

March: Rust-en-Vrede, Durbanville, BIRDS
June: Finalist Tollman, Bouchard and Finlayson Art Award, Hermanus.
June: Fynarts Ceramic Exhibition, Hermanus.
August: Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg.  
November: Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, Connected by Fire.
December: IS Art Gallery Stellenbosch,  Group Exhibition

June: FynArts Ceramic Exhibition, Hermanus.
October: Wildekrans, Houhoek, Open Gardens Spring Exhibition