Given Muronga

Given Muronga

South Africa | 0 artworks for sale

I'm a contemporary artist who practices with acrylic and mix media.
I paint and sketch on 2d surfaces paper and or canvas, ideas which come from a range of influences (writers, movies, novels, or and everyday life.)

My practice is influenced by great artist too, such as Vladimir Tretchikoff, Lionel Smit (who I had the privilege to school at the same school as he did), Jean michel Basquiat, Picasso and many more unmentioned influences, and because of this my art is always unique, no two paintings look alike, maybe in style but never in subject and or colours.

I use patterns which are a combination of influences from my culture (venda) and from Ghana, to reinforce my identity in my work, putting a signature without having to sign it. The lines from the traditional wear and that from the adinkra symbols (owo Foro Adobe) are put together and channeled in a transformative way to create line work which are original and authentic I also add more dynamics as the reference may seem more static

My work subject wise uses a subliminal language, this allows the work to be educational and eye catching rather than just Aesthetically pleasing.

I'm a 20 year old aspiring talent and contemporary artist, with the love and knack for colour and composition. I went to pro arte alphen Park high school in Pretoria which is one of the most celebrated institutions of the arts and was an astonishing student with countless merits in art and design but now I feel like I need to show case my work to the world through your prestigious institution. I'm well aware that a lot of professional faces have already received this countless applications but I've decided to write you this letter because I sense that you have what it takes to make me feel happy and confident in my decision. I wanted to submit everything a little at a time so there would be no need for me to rush in any way, but as time is running out, I've felt the urge to try my luck at one last thing. So here it is! Please don't let my passion and work escape your eyes.