Dominic De Villiers

Dominic De Villiers

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Dom de Villiers is a practicing artist based in Cape Town. de Villiers’ work shows a particular interest and fascination for the natural world and the ecological occurrences that go with it. There is an attempt to show the connectedness between us and the natural world through his work. By developing a language that speaks on behalf of the earth, when Earth is silenced through our ignorance. There is a constant practice of listening to Earth as it speaks to us; all we need to do is listen. Having a background in Metaphysics, de Villiers contemplates the unseen truths that surround our everyday life, and expresses these truths through simple observations of patterns in our nature as humans, and by creating a sense of pattern through other forms which would not necessarily read as patterns.

There is an attempt to create calmness and stillness through the delicate ways of working.
Along with the notion of our ecology, de Villiers observes the movement of living and being of many living entities on the planet. With Earth in constant flux, one is able to perceive various forms of movement or vibration within our world through his work.

I began making art in early High School. This continued into my two years out of school. in 2019 I enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Art course at the Cape Town Creative Academy. I am currently in my third and final year at the college. My practice began developing in 2019, as more projects were given to us as a open choice projects. Through these projects, I began to look at the environment in new and critical ways. In 2020 I continued to work in this manner as developed my practice further by looking deeper into ecology. I also love to surf and be in the ocean, thus I began to shape surfboards, and have been doing so since 2020, using new and innovative materials. The surfing aspect of my life has also influenced my current practice as an artist. I am currently finishing my graduate year at the CTCA and preparing for the grad show.