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    Robin Daniels
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      • Born in 1967, Robin spent his early years in the suburb of Athlone, which was at the centre of much of the political turmoil that then engulfed the Western Cape. It was part of his daily life to witness street protests, political rallies and marches, often leading to skirmishes with the authorities and sometimes to violent confrontations. He was inevitably caught up in the activism of the times, but the rebellious spirit of his community was tempered in his case by religious instincts inculcated by his father, a minister of the New Apostolic Church.

        A self-taught artist, Robin has worked with South African printmaking greats such as Patrick and Sydney Holo and the late Kweti Nzube. Printmaking is his first love and it is through this art that he has been most celebrated. He has been honored by such events as the 2003 North Sea Jazz Festival, where he exhibited a series of black inked, introspective jazz themed linocut prints. From 2004 to 2007, Robin printed and exhibited from his Montebello Art and Design Centre studio in Newlands, where his works developed strong social and political expressiveness.

        Robin is very conscious of the need for social upliftment and has taught art and printmaking in various community settings such as Community Arts Project (now AMAC), the EU-sponsored projects at Nelson Mandela High School in Crossroads as well as his own projects in his former Cape Flats neighborhoods of Lavender Hill and Retreat. He feels strongly that art has its place in alleviating some of the social ills affecting the youth in disadvantaged communities.
  • Jibbles  Ed.1/3 - Handmade Print by Robin Daniels ROBIN DANIELS
    Jibbles Ed.1/3
    Handmade Print / 52 x 61 cm
  • Tribal IV  Ed. 1/3 - Handmade Print by Robin Daniels ROBIN DANIELS
    Tribal IV Ed. 1/3
    Handmade Print / 51 x 61 cm
  • Jabbles  Ed. 1/3 - Handmade Print by Robin Daniels ROBIN DANIELS
    Jabbles Ed. 1/3
    Handmade Print / 51 x 61 cm
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