• Riaan Vosloo

    Riaan Vosloo
    • Artist Statement
      • I say the things of our time in a personal language. My art engages the whole of my being: not just the intellect, but also the emotional, psychological and spiritual. It is important to get beyond mere painting: my painting is intuitive, involving the subconscious. My work offers me the freedom to be myself without social conditioning. In it, I search for something bigger and more meaningful than myself. The layering of thought and possibility in my work blend a deep realization of spiritual evocations and physical existence, much of which is not on an articulate level, but operates with intuitive response.

        The experience of one-ness with color is symphonic. The thrill of blending possibilities and creating new, kaleidoscopic ones is overwhelmingly exciting and addictive. Attaining the ineffable (occasionally and fleetingly in music or scent, in food or memories) is the ultimate experience. The realization that a work is complete is beyond verbal explanation, but the sense of closure and beauty calms an inner sensibility within me.
    • Biography

      • N.DIP FINE ART  (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

        Riaan Vosloo was born in George on South Africa's Garden Route.  He studied Visual Arts in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, majoring in painting with electives in Photography and Print Making. Riaan worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer and picture framer in George before moving to Cape Town in 1999 where he devoted himself to fine art. In 2003 he was invited to take up a teaching position and taught Visual Arts, Design, Web Design and Photography for 15 years in various high schools. After leaving teaching he secured his first Art Directing position.

        Selected Exhibitions:

        "homeTUIS”, group exhibition, Cape Town,

        “Baljaar”, group exhibition, “Woordfees” / Word Festival”, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town,

        “Viewpoints of the Everyday”, Miele Gallery of Fine Living, Bryanston, Johannesburg,

        “Storietyd”, solo exhibition, AVA, Cape Town,
        “The City”, group exhibition, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town,
        “Promenade”, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town,

        “Poolside People”, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town,
        “ParallelScapes”, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town,
        “ParallelScapes” solo exhibition, Art-B gallery, Bellville,

        Curator: "Die Voël met die Af Vlerk", group exhibition, Cultivaria Arts Festival, Paarl,
        "The Exhibition", group exhibition, Cultivaria Arts Festival, Paarl,
        "Van Boerekitsch en ander Dinge", group exhibition at Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, curated by Gordon Froud,
        "Elements of the Landscape", group exhibition, Die Ateljee, Piketberg,

        “ARTwords”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        “HOMEtalk”, solo exhibition, Gerard Cloete Gallery, Cape Town,
        “Portraits”, group exhibition, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town,
        “Seven Deadly Sins”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        “Short Conversations”, solo exhibition, Gerard Cloete Gallery, Cape Town,

        “Peep Show”, group exhibition, Gallery 38 Special, Cape Town,
        “Puzzle”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        “Homework”, group exhibition, The Castle, Cape Town,
        “Self-portraits”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,

        “Salon exhibition“, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        “Krisp” group exhibition, Art-B Gallery, Bellville,
        “Koester/Cherish”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        “Berg/Mountain”, group exhibition, Art-B Gallery, Bellville,

        “Vuleka”, group exhibition, Art-B Gallery, Bellville,
        Group exhibition, Inspires Gallery, Oxford, England,
        Nedcor exhibition at Cine Nouveau, Cavendish Square,

        “The Container”, group exhibition, Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery, Durbanville,
        Group exhibition, Durbanville Hills Cellars,
        “Miniatures”, group exhibition, Art-B Gallery, Bellville,

    • Interview
      • Which new trends or South African artists do you find inspiring at the moment?
        The 'outsider' art with self-dramatising, narrative themes and meticulously detailed illustrative style of Eris Silke. I love the recent, large-scale painting od Lisa Brice.  Sam Nhlengethwa’s creative use of mixed media on canvas is a constant source of inspiration.

        Which South African deceased artist do you most admire and why?

        Gladys Mgudlandlu: I am in love with her bold colour and repetitive brushwork. In South Africa Pierneef was ahead of his time in his use of romantic colour and simplified forms as well as Erik Laubscher’s  colour field approach in the South African landscape. The mastery of the use of big, black flat, often geometric, shapes in Cecil Skotnes’s  artworks.

        If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

        Van Gogh: The oil painting of yellow sunflowers on a yellow background, 1888.

        How did you get started? Did you always want to be an artist?

        I took to colour, khokis and crayons like a fish to water from as far back as I can remember, even before I started primary school. I always knew I wanted to study Fine Art.

        What are some of the key themes you explore in your work?
        Memories, isolation, belonging and relationships.

        What should people know about your art that they can’t tell from looking at it?

        I make colourful artwork by choice. I don’t want to portray my “dark side” in my artwork.

        Tell us more about your creative process.
        My work is extremely personal and loaded with emotions. We are, in the secular, commercial world, surrounded by beige, creams, khaki’s, navy blues and greys -  al muted, faded colours. The majority of the colours in our visual world are faded, sombre colours. It is only in nature in South Africa, that we experience bright blue, crisp white and intense greens. Artists are in the fortunate positions to be creators. We have the magical power to create new colours by being  adventurous and playful.

        I start by observing the interactions or the lack of interactions between people, and how people either fit in a landscape, like a parallel, or not fit in a specific landscape. Our harmony or lack of harmony with our environment is a constant conversation. It is being constantly changed for socio-economic or socio-political reasons. I take hundreds of photographs of unknown people in spaces. During the drawing process I start eliminating  lines, trying to use only the most economical line. It is important to me to capture the character and honesty of my subject matter by using only a minimal amount of line.
        Once I am happy with the drawing, I let it sit on the easel, and let the drawing dictate its character to me, like a book being a romantic novel or a drama filled with suspense. Once I can feel the personality of the artwork, I choose the colours to fit the personality. The painting process continuously gives me questions and challenges. It is like a chess game: every move has huge consequences and changes the outcome of the game completely. It is my job as the artist to use creativity to give answers and solutions, yet every colour change affects all the other colours and changes the outcome  of the “personality” of the artwork completely.

        What drives you as an artist?
        Mankind’s need to belong, love or be loved.

        Do you have a favourite or most meaningful work?

        A self-portrait I did in 2004. I used ballpoint pen, pencil and embroidery. In the background it shows me as a 6 year old boy with an superimposed image of me at age 32. It was part of a group exhibition where Diane Victor and William Kentridge also showed work.

        What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?

        Three sold out solo shows and when Ted Baker, a British luxury clothing retail company, invested in my art.

        What are your aspirations for the future?

        I want to curate an exhibition consisting of the art of “outsider” art: art made by institutionalised artists with psychiatric conditions.
  • Heritage Day - Painting by Riaan Vosloo RIAAN VOSLOO
    Heritage Day
    Painting / 100 x 75 cm
    $1 430
  • Quality Time - Painting by Riaan Vosloo RIAAN VOSLOO
    Quality Time
    Painting / 100 x 75 cm
    $1 430
  • View Of Noordhoek - Painting by Riaan Vosloo RIAAN VOSLOO
    View Of Noordhoek
    Painting / 100 x 75 cm
    $1 430