• Daya Heller

    Daya Heller
    • Artist Statement
      • My work has always revolved around the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth, the alchemical metamorphasis of human experience, aspiration and ascension. The symbology of the fynbos drops involves water falling down, and plants growing up, two fundamental directions (creation/destruction, growth & decay), in the cycle of nature. As the plant fragments are preserved, and eternally captured in their magnified beauty, though no longer living, there is a reference to death and metamorphasis, the transient nature of the physical form. Attention is drawn to the momentary, magnificent complexity and diversity of the natural, living/dying design.
    • Biography
      • BA Fine Art (The Michaelis School Of Fine Art)

        Daya Heller is a fine artist practicing in the mediums of sculpture, painting and drawing, exploring the human form and experience. She graduated in sculpture from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2006. 

        Her work centres around the cyclical nature of life, integration of duality, alchemy and metamorphasis… 

        She is well known for her public sculptural installations at Afrikaburn – ‘Lilith & The Garden of Eden’ 2014. In 2015 she had a retrospective solo exhibition in Scarborough: ‘Liminal Alchemy’; and her debut solo, ‘EROS LOGOS – of Sex & God’ took place at Diedericks/Faber Fine Art in November 2015. 

        Her handmade fynbos drops are unique art objects, attracting growing, warm response from numerous group exhibitions and galleries throughout South Africa. 

        She has sold work and exhibited through the following galleries: Grande Provence – Franschoek; Equus Gallery; 99 Loop Gallery; Nirox – Jhb; Haas – CT; Eclectica Contemporary; State of The Art, Knysna Fine Art; DF Contemporary; Rust en Vrede; ODA gallery; The Boutique Gallery; Daniel De Kok -Hermanus; Dorp Str Galery and more.
  • Small Fynbos Drop - Sculpture by Daya Heller DAYA HELLER
    Small Fynbos Drop
    Sculpture / 5 x 8 cm
  • Pincushion Drop - Sculpture by Daya Heller
    Pincushion Drop
    Sculpture / 10 x 20 cm