• Sue Martin

    Sue  Martin
    • Artist Statement
      • My quest to understand my identity as a white South African woman is a continuing theme in my work. I am currently working on a series that looks at another side of the “City of Gold", depicting the men that have left their homelands to come and work on the mines. I use archival photographs as well as my own images of abandoned mines, and, like the faded photographs, I create “veils of colour” by applying layers of beeswax and oil pigment which are fused together by heating with a flame, before applying a new layer. This gives my work a washed out, faded quality, similar to the archive photographs.
    • Biography
      • B.A Fine Arts (University of Kwazulu-Natal)

        Sue was born and educated in Natal where she completed a Fine Arts Degree at the University of Natal. She now resides in Johannesburg.

        Sue first exhibited in 1998. Since 1999, Sue has had a series of solo exhibitions, two of which were held at Upstairs@Bamboo. From 2006 to 2008 Sue exhibited at Rooms on View, held in the Sandton Convention Centre. At the end of 2008 Sue’s work formed part of the Sun International Positive Art Exhibition at Sun City. Sue’s next exhibition in 2009 was at The White House Gallery where she and other international and South African artists showcased their work.

        Sue’s quest to understand her identity as a white South African woman is a continuing theme and source of inspiration in her work. Sue’s “Urban Cowboy” series is either painted in oils on wood veneer or oils on canvas. As her photography has become a more serious part of Sue’s artistic expression, the landscapes she has photographed have been incorporated as a part of the paintings and have been printed onto the canvasses. Sue sees these men as a metaphor for the African people: always traveling with a heavy load. As these “urban cowboys” so epitomize the monumental role of the rural turned urban man she has chosen to portray them as monumental in size when superimposed onto the rural landscape.

        Selected Exhibitions:

        Group exhibition at In Toto Gallery, Birdhaven, Johannesburg

        Solo exhibition at the David Brown Gallery Sandton, Johannesburg

        Exhibited with Joan Sainsbury and Julia Cavalleri at Villa Arcadia in Parktown

        Exhibited in an exhibition of international and South African at the White House Gallery

        Exhibited in the Sun International Positive Art Exhibition
        Exhibited at Castellano Beltrame
        Exhibited at Rooms on View, Johannesburg
        2006 - 2007
        Exhibited at Rooms on View, Johannesburg

        Joint exhibition with Eleonora Bonavera at Upstairs@Bamboo, Melville, Johannesburg

        Solo exhibition at Upstairs@Bamboo, Melville, Johannesburg

        Solo exhibition at Enviro, Houghton, Johannesurg