• Damien Schumann

    Damien Schumann
    • Artist Statement
      • My work is an exploration of time between the only inevitable acts of birth and death. Having been the subject of and an observer to the unpredictable, no-guarantee world we live in, my photography travels beyond notions of a fair existence to probe a deeper intrinsic questioning of society. It interrogates the human condition through people seeking meaning and freedom, while battling loneliness and mortality. It confronts the ways we consider ourselves and treat others. In the web of genetic, environmental, and man-made paradigms that we have created, this work draws on a fascination with what humankind grapples with in their existence, what they attempt to achieve with their time, and the lengths they are willing to go to for this. Driven by personal influence and the context in which I have found myself, this is an ongoing inquiry into the unconsidered and what’s taken for granted.
    • Biography
      • Masters in Documentary Art (University Of Cape Town)

        Schumann has worked as a freelance documentary photographer and artist since 2005. He has an extensive knowledge of health and social justice issues, which he portrays through his remarkable visual story telling ability. His skills extend into writing, video and installation art. To see his portfolio please visit www.dspgallery.com.


        Masters in Documentary Arts at University of Cape Town
        World Press Photo Masterclass with Jodi Bieber (World Press Winner 2011)
        Masterclass with Gary Knight (Vii Agency)
        Distinction in Diploma in Photography at Ruth Prowse School of Art

        Ikusasa Artist of the Year 2012 no m inat ion
        Artist in Residence Instituto Sacatar 2011 (Brazil)
        Top‘200 Young South Africans’Mail & Guardian 2011 (Arts & Culture)
        South African National Arts Festival 2010 Grant Winner for Borderline

        Selected Exhibitions:

        Nuestra Casa Initiative - Centennial Museum, El Paso, Texas, USA.

        Retrospect – Bearnstein Gallery, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
        Borderline - AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

        Borderline – South African National Arts Festival
        Nuestra Casa – Smithsonian Odyssey Museum, Atlanta, USA.
        Nuestra Casa – El Cecut Museum, Tijuana, Mexico.

        Face It – The Stigma Exhibition, Museum Africa, Johannesburg.
        Face It - KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.
        Face It - South African National Arts Festival

        Dialogues - What if the World Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

        Art Collections:

        Irma Stern/UCT
        Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Library

        Lectured at:

        Princeton University; Duke University Center of Documentary Studies; Johns Hopkins University; University of El Paso, Texas,University of Cape Town;Stellenbosch University; World Tuberculosis & Lung Disease Conference (2009)Symposium on‘Stigma in TB & HIV’; World Tuberculosis/HIV and Lung Disease Conferece (2010, Berlin), Symposium on ‘Harnessing Visual Media for ACSM’

    • Video