THE SPACE BETWEEN : a solo exhibition by Catherine Ocholla

join us online for a 3D virtual viewing from 29 April - 16 May 2020

"The space between is a poem, an ode to life itself, a revelation, the profound wisdom of the voids that are almost tangible in our daily existence. There is a subtle questioning of different divides in this exhibition, which has come together at a time of great personal transition, and the move from one state into another is reflected in these skies, the space between the past and future, and myself and others. The works - realistic renderings of the sky in oils - are reflective of our own emotions or the emotions that we impose upon space itself, encapsulated in this instance in the sky, which we can all agree, can take one’s breath away, both with its savagery and its beauty.

Looking up to the heavens for some profound wisdom, there are moments of great power, moments when we all collectively sigh, and depending on where we are in life, moments when we grieve, or feel fearful, anxious, angry or frustrated. Does the sky reflect our moods, like some vast collective consciousness, or is it ‘tailored’ towards each of our specific cases, putting on a special show for each of us? Do we impose upon it, or it upon us? These questions are of course, entirely speculative and philosophical, but it does point to when we are attuned to nature and our surrounding environment - when it makes us feel part of a whole, alone in the world or together with others.

This is my third solo exhibition of skyscapes, and my second solo exhibition with StateoftheART"
- Catherine Ocholla

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*While Catherine Ocholla is currently registered for an MFA (Master of Fine Art) in painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (University of Cape Town), this exhibition is independent from and does not form part of her Master’s studies.

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