SCAPES: Rhythms Of An Environment

Participating artists: Catherine Ocholla, Joanne Reen, Laurel Holmes, Karen Wykerd, James de Villiers, Lezanne Kotze and Janna Prinsloo.

Opening 7 July 2016 from 5pm - 9pm in conjunction with First Thursdays.
Exhibition concludes 23 July 2016

61 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town.
Gallery hours: 10-5 weekdays, 10-2 Saturdays.

SCAPES is a curated group exhibition. A SCAPE - be a landscape, cityscape, waterscape or skyscape; is built up of colours, moments, expanses, materials, rhythms, sounds, and other qualities that define the space(s).

"...places are always becoming, and a human, whether stationary or travelling, is one element in a seething space pulsing with intersecting trajectories and temporalities." - Tim Edensor, editor of 'Geographies of Rhythm: Nature, Place, Mobilities and Bodies'

Immerse yourself in each of the artworks on show: the cloudscapes, landscapes, and cityscapes that comprise this exhibition might just change the way you feel and experience the spaces through which you move every day; whether walking the streets of the city, driving to work, hiking on Table Mountain, or strolling in the gentle space that is your own garden...

View photos from the opening here>>>

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