WALKING ON WATER : Zaan Claassens

Show opens: 05 May 2016 @6pm - 9pm in conjunction with First Thursdays.
Exhibition continues till 21 May 2016

61 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town.
Gallery hours: 10-5 weekdays, 10-2 Saturdays.

The art of Zaan Claassens is a celebration of life. In her exhibition, WALKING ON WATER, her primary focus is on water: what happens on its surface, how it varies, how light plays on it, how its moods change.

“Most mornings, wind and swell permitting, I paddle my surfski in the Atlantic Ocean. Here I observe the interplay between light and water, water and sky. It is mesmerizing. It is brilliantly beautiful. The ebb and flow of water provides me with a continuously changing picture. I find oil paint and the fluidity of linseed oil the perfect medium with which to capture my subject.

I make use of reflection to abstract or distort reality. It is through the water that recognizable objects become transmuted. There is a transformation that occurs and new objects and shapes appear. Something is born in the water, something greater than the sum of its parts.

It is my intention to create beautifully crafted and highly detailed art works. The quality I aspire to create is not only one of technical excellence, but also one of emotional elevation. I hope that those who view my work and choose to live with it will experience upliftment.” - Zaan Claassens



View photos from the opening here>>>

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