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If you see a work of contemporary art you admire but it is not quite what you were looking for, it is often possible to commission the artist to create something unique to fit your personal specifications for a similar price.

Be it a family portrait, painting of your home, photograph of your partner or a bespoke artwork for your interior, commissioning allows you to choose the subject matter, colours, style and dimensions of a piece. Commissioning an artwork for yourself, or someone important to you, is a highly personal gift that can become a family heirloom or commemorate a special occasion. It also allows you to purchase the perfect piece for your home or workplace.

portrait commission      self portrait painting      portrait painting

Paintings by Floris van Zyl and Jimmy Law

A StateoftheART Gallery limited edition print will set your custom corporate business gift apart with its irreplaceable value, at a reasonable price.
Limited edition prints are a truly special corporate business gift idea. Recipients will feel appreciated with a personalized corporate gift they can keep forever. Each order is completely original and valuable in its own right. Commission the highest quality original limited edition prints to promote your corporate identity through art that reflects your values. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Each limited edition print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the edition has been printed expressly for (your Company).

 commission an art print    commission a fine art print   limited edition print by Janet Botes

Limited Edition Prints by Sophie Peters and Janet Botes

StateoftheART represents a range of sculptors who work in a variety of styles and mediums including, bronze, resin, wood, plaster, stone, glass, and ceramics, who will help you create an enduring memorial, celebration or concept sculpture. Full payment is required to commence a sculpture commission due to the high cost of the materials.

commission bronze sculpture   bronze sculpture by Zaan Claassens


Commission Fee Schedule

  • 50% to commence commission (painting or limited edition print)
  • 50% upon completion and delivery of commission (painting or limited edition print)
  • 100% to commence commission (bronze sculpture)

With photography commissions, an agreement will be reached regarding the editions produced. You will always be offered the absolute right to own the piece.

Please call us at 072 470 9272, or email us at info@stateoftheart-gallery.com with the name of the artist whose work you are interested in or with details about your personal project.