Leandri Erlank

Leandri Erlank

Artist Statement

Skin, be it that of an animal or a human being, has always fascinated me, and has been the inspiration behind most of my work. Skin is the barrier between the internal and the external. Often it can represent both beauty and the grotesque - strength and weakness. My drawings of people with albinism mostly depict children, conveying a sense of vulnerability which is directly contrasted by the determined expressions they hold.
When reading about the facts and reports on albino killings, you will find it almost impossible to believe that you are not reading about events that took place in ancient history. However, in today’s society the brutal murder of people with albinism is still an ongoing crime. People living with this skin condition are being hunted down and slaughtered like animals for their body parts, which is then sold for making muti with the promise of becoming rich and powerful. With the drawings of people with albinism I hope to create an awareness amongst the viewer about the killings.


Selected Exhibitions & Awards


Sasol New Signature Finalist
Tokara Wine art top 20
Marie Stander Student end of year exhibition
Keith Diederick awards exhibition (for top marks in class of 2014)
Ava Gallery exhibition of promising graduates 2015

Gradex Final year exhibition (curating team)

Sasol New Signature Finalist

Group exhibition: Iziko Sa National Gallery Annexe