Lezanne Kotze

Lezanne  Kotze

Artist Statement

My artwork stems from a wonder for nature and a need to react to everyday life through painting. I am exploring my own creativity and circling various themes and subject matter, aiming to develop my technical competence and gain insight into my personal artistic style. This is an ongoing process and self-expression and growth is never as fully experienced in work as with creating Art. I am ever revisiting favourite patterns and colours both in nature and man-made with current work inspired by the human form in relationship with nature. And the contrast of organic forms against geometric patterns. My new work strives to aesthetically engage the viewer.


Lezanne Kotze is an artist born in 1987 and now lives in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route. Although she has no formal art training she strives to refine her own individual style and technique, painting in response to daily life. She paints part time mostly concentrating on landscapes and botanical style paintings where nature is simplified to emphasize its intricate beauty. Her chosen medium is predominantly oil with a whimsical style motivated by self-expression and inspired by nature. Influenced by the Garden of the Western Cape she is currently working on a series of contemporary botanical paintings focusing on indigenous flora.

Selected Exhibitions:

Sanlam Portrait Award Top 40 2015 Finalists Exhibition