Minien Hattingh

Minien Hattingh

Artist Statement

The work I produce consists of themes ranging from spirituality to social consciousness, entwined with humour. I like working with death and the unknown. This and the macabre has been somewhat of an innate interest, since both seem to be misunderstood and feared. Near death experiences also interest me having gone through one myself. Victorian and gothic art also plays a role in what inspires me. Somehow contradictory, there exists a child-like quality in my work maybe because I'm drawn to the innocence, directness and sincerity of children (a child should not be feign). Therefore I oppose abuse of children in any way that bereft them from this realness.

Materials that I employ comprise wax, human hair, ink on material and mixed media. Wax is a malleable material that can achieve varying qualities ranging from polished to rough textures. Ink and pencil is a very bourgeois medium which is much more of self explanatory instrument.

The working process I follow is mainly based on intuition and finding inspiration in the mundane, it's the first place to look. I usually don't follow a structured process, but when this does happen I usually mind map ideas or constantly argue with myself. The following notion, in my opinion, expresses the essence of being an artist as “the most inspiring thing about an artist, no matter when in history they worked, is just to see their singular pursuit of their own vision”(Musgrove).


Minien Hattingh, born in 1992 in Pietersburg, is artist living and working in of Pretoria. She completed her BA Fine Arts (hons) degree at the University of Pretoria in 2014.

Hattingh works primarily in pencil and ink, and is influenced by Victorian and gothic art. She seeks to explore the otherly and unusual, and so themes of spiritualty, social consciousness, the unknown and death are common. She juxtaposes macabre images with humour and elements of innocence.

She has exhibited in various galleries spanning throughout South Africa, and was selected as one of the Sasol New Signatures Top 100 in 2014 and again in 2015.

Awards & Residencies


Merit bursary
Visual art Highest achievement
Trophy for exceptional achievement in drawing

Group Exhibitions

Arts Fusion Arts Exhibition, Little Unisa Theatre
Art Autumn Exhibition, Brooklyn Mall
Tswane Youth Art Festival Exhibition, State Theatre
Winter Art Exhibiton,Brooklyn Mall
Amalgamation (First year group exhibition), Van Wou House
Art Space (Telkom painting: Group exhibition), Telkom Towers
Concentre CuZn, The Room
Fried Autumn Art Fair, Fried Contemporary Art Gallery
Hidden Urban Histories,Rautenbach Hall, University of Pretoria
Prompt Showcase, The Story Space
Redefining Erotica,Longstreet Art Lovers Art Gallery
Alice in Wonderland Exhibition,Longstreet Art Lovers Gallery
Death is where it stars, Trent Gallery
Wish you were here, Art Lovers Gallery
The truth of Valentine, Art Lovers Gallery
Annual miniature exhibition, Art Lovers Gallery
The last meal, Trent Gallery
Turbine Art Fair
Sasol New Signatures, Top 100
Erotica: a different view, Art Lovers Gallery
Music & lyrics, Rust en Vrede Gallery
Roald Dahl, Art Lovers Gallery
The Space In Between: Final year exhibition, University of Pretoria