• Isabel Naudé

    Isabel Naudé
    • Artist Statement
      • Bloodline: “Made to measure”.

        This project is characterized by complex measuring. By referring to something as being made to measure, we imply that it is a perfect fit. I wanted to focus mainly on dual expectations, namely the expectations that children have of the world they live in, and the unrealistic and profound expectations that are imposed on children. I want to focus on the complexities of family bloodlines and the impact of external and internal labelling of individuals .

        I want to address the problems and frustrations that someone living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) contends with daily - and bring this to the viewer 's attention. ADD is a condition that has started to gain prominence over the last 12 years. The irony is that ADD is incurable and the defective gene can potentially be transferred to the sufferers children. Within the family context , we find individuals with their own personalities and characteristics . I wanted to determine the source of my child's ADD because of the impact of the disorder on his inter - human relations which have marginalize him in some ways. An ADD sufferer, has little or no control over his world and is expected to deal with situations that 'normal' people find effortless to handle. He is programmed to act in such a way that his disorder will not be as noticeable. Such a person is often marginalized by callous people 's criticism and labeling. Such people have the same needs , desires and aspirations of self-realization.

        A child’s life is mostly organized by people who surround them and therefore creating situations for a child over which he / she has no control. These children tend to disappear and become outlines and are overlooked or ignored by the very same society they so desperately want to be part of.
    • Interview
      • Which new trends or South African artists do you find inspiring at the moment?
        I'm always intrigued by artists that uses  the topic "identity" in their work. My favourite artists : Jane Alexander, Diane Victor, Frikkie Eksteen, William Kentidge, Penny Siopsis and my favourite Marlene Dumas. (Dumas uses the human figure as a means to critique contemporary ideas of racial, sexual, and social identity) Many of the artists that I mentioned, have created images through topographical studies, explorations of nomadic peripheries and in-between spaces, or chronicles of social geography altered by divisive spatial planning and modern architecture. .. a reflection of ideology, and a stage for the performance and perception of identity. Whether sweeping views, architectural compositions, or portraits, the varied works of these artists that I mentioned,remind us of the density and richness of the notion of landscape, the complexity and subjectivity of its depiction - and ultimately, of our own spiritual, emotional, personal, and political relationship to it.

        Which South African deceased artist do you most admire and why ?

        Irma Stern-She was a very prolific artist, she was able to complete lots of works in different medias. I love the use of colour and rhythm in her works. She didn’t regard her models as mere objects. When Irma depicted a cluster of flowers in a vase, it was not presented as an inanimate array of shapes and colour, but as an expression of organic growth and vigour.

        Which exhibition that you have visited made the greatest impact on you and why?

        The Louvre Museum is unquestionably one of the finest art galleries in the world. Home to thousands of classic and modern masterpieces, the Louvre is the jewel in the crown of French culture, a towering testament to European civilization and history. During my studies at Unisa, I studied some of the art pieces in art history-for example..The Mona Lisa… and it was amazing to see them in real life.

        Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

        I work around four important topics: material culture, the body, the land, journey and mapping My home, people I meet and different places I go to -all inspire me.

        Do you have any rituals or habits involving your art-making that you can tell us about?

        music is very important while I paint… it determines  my objects that I choose and the mood…also my use of colour.

        What do you like most about being an artist?
        -the complete work..

        How do you handle bad days when you experience artist's block?

        I prepare canvases (under paintings), listen to  good music, go for a stroll  in the pine plantations with the dogs, and page through my photographs of sold paintings…I do mind maps.

        What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?

        My BVA -degree (HARD WORK!!)

        Do you feel that you want to make a difference to the world or in people's lives? If yes, how?

        Yes, children are very important and special to me. I would like to comment through my art about child abuse.  It also became an obsession to explore new ways of measuring the intricacies of identity and personality.

        What are your plans for the coming year?

        My upcoming exhibition at Brooklyn Theater on 20th May 2014.
        paint ,paint paint…